Gratitude for Partners

Aquatic Pools of LA                                    Erwinville LA

Bethel Baptist                                                Liberty MS

Bethel Church                                                Baton Rouge

Bluff Creek Baptist                                     Clinton LA

Budget Build Lumber                                 Ferriday LA

Calvary Baptist                                             Natchez MS

Calvary Baptist                                             Smithdale MS

Caring to Love Ministries                       Baton Rouge LA

Al Cavin Promotional Adv                     Pride LA

Cecil Graves Chevrolet                            St Francisville LA

Central Bible                                                   Central LA

Centreville Baptist                                      Centreville MS

Chronicle                                                           Denham Springs LA

Coast Machinery                                          Baton Rouge LA

Community Chapel                                     Walker LA

Cornerstone Christian Assembly      Livingston LA

Courtableau Baptist Church                Port Barre LA

Dave's Cruise & Travel                              Liberty MS

De John's Electric                                        Baton Rouge LA

Ebenezer Baptist                                          Liberty MS

Economy Grassing                                       Ethel LA

Ellis Insurance                                                Baton Rouge LA

Emmanual Baptist                                       Denham Springs LA

Erwinville Baptist                                        Erwinville LA

Jones Signs                                                     Denham Springs LA

Kleinpeter Equine                                      Baton Rouge LA

Latanache Baptist                                      Batchelor LA

Liberty Church of Prayer                       Liberty MS

Liberty Nazarene                                        Liberty MS

Liberty Presbyterian                                Liberty MS

Lismore Baptist                                           Jonesville LA

Live Oak United Methodist                 Watson LA

Lockhart Road Baptist                            Denham Springs LA

M&B Logging                                                Meadville MS

Meadville United Methodist              Meadville MS

Milldale Baptist                                          Zachary LA

Mission Church of Christ                      Zachary LA

Mt Pleasant Baptist                                 Gloster MS

Mt Pleasant Baptist                                 Zachary LA

New Beginnings Baptist                        Walker LA

New Bethlehem Baptist                        Watson LA

New Salem Baptist                                   McCall Creek MS

Norwood Baptist                                      Norwood LA

Olive Branch Baptist                              Slaughter LA


Faith Baptist                                   Baker LA

Faith Baptist                                   Livingston LA

Faith Baptist                                   Livonia LA

Faith Presbyterian                      Clinton LA

Feliciana Windshield                 Slaughter LA

Fellowship Baptist                      Central LA

First Assembly of God              Gloster MS

FBC Clinton                                     Clinton LA

FBC Krotz Springs                       Krotz Springs LA

FBC Livingston                               Livingston LA

FBC New Roads                             New Roads LA

FBC Wilson                                       Wilson LA

FBC Zachary                                     Zachary LA

Foster Road Baptist                     Baton Rouge LA

Galilee Baptist                                 Gloster MS

Gloster Nazarene                           Gloster MS

Grace Community Baptist        Mandeville LA

Grace Life Fellowship                  Baton Rouge LA

Grace Presbyterian                      Baton Rouge LA

Gray's Creek Baptist                   Denham Springs LA

Hebron Baptist                               Denham Springs LA

Hebron Baptist                               Smithdale MS

Higher Destiny                                Denham Springs LA

Indian Mound Baptist                 Greenwell Springs LA

Plains Presbyterian LA                           Zachary LA

Plank Road Baptist                                    Slaughter LA

Pleasant Valley Baptist                           Meadville MS

Providence Baptist                                    Baton Rouge LA

Racin Homes LLC                                        Port Allen LA

Richland Equipment                                  Centreville MS

Riverside Baptist                                         Vidalia LA

Roussel's                                                           Gonzales LA

Royal Chapel                                                  Gloster MS

Sandy Creek Baptist                                  Pride LA

Sarepta Baptist                                             Franklin County MS

SIF Consultants of LA                                Baton Rouge LA

Southway Baptist                                         Brookhaven MS

Spring Creek Baptist                                  Kentwood LA

Stevendale Baptist                                      Baton Rouge LA

Theater Antique Mall                                Denham Springs LA

Thomson Memorial Presbyterian     Centreville MS

Topisaw Baptist                                            Bogue Chitto MS

Trinity Baptist                                                Baton Rouge LA

Union Church                                                 Gloster MS

Unity Baptist                                                  Magnolia MS

Victory Baptist                                             Pride LA

Wakefield Baptist                                       Wakefield LA

Walker Storehouse                                    Walker LA

The Way Christian Center                     Hammond LA

Westminster Presbyterian                    Baton Rouge LA

Wilson Community                                     Wilson LA

Woodville United Methodist               Woodville LA

Woolie Enterprises                                     Prairieville LA

Zion Hill Baptist                                            Liberty MS


Ministry Partners

A listener writes, “We’re Pure And Evangelical” Radio for the Louisiana and Mississippi area.


Ministry Partners underwrite a portion of daily operating expenses.  Many commit to a ‘dollar a day’ support which would be $30.00 a month. Some give more, some less. Give as the Lord impresses you, whether little or much. If the Lord impresses you to give $30, $60, $100 or more we will be most grateful for your participation in this listener-supported ministry. Ministry Partners wishing on-air mention do support at least a ‘dollar a day’. These partners are acknowledged from two-three times a month.  For supporting churches, any special meetings are given more emphasis than regular public service announcements.


We would like to see as many churches, ministries and Christian businesses as possible underwrite broadcasting.  However, these supporters provide only twenty percent of our budget needs.  Eighty percent of our broadcast needs are met by those “ministry partners” who give and pray for the ministry with no mention desired.  They are certainly known by God and we gratefully acknowledge their support.


Why not give us a thirty-day trial?  You cannot lose anything by trying us, and you may gain eternally if you do.  Thanks for joining us.  We trust your friendship will become a lasting one, and that you will truly find WPAE and KPAE to be “SOUND RADIO”. 

















…Broadcasting “things that become SOUND doctrine.” Titus 2:1

Mission & Vision


The ministry of SOUND RADIO is built upon five pillars erected on the foundation of Jesus Christ. We believe these five pillars are based solidly upon the Word of God, and are the principles upon which we operate.


  • We Praise and Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ in every broadcast day. “We preach Christ and Him crucified.” He is our only “hope of glory.” Psalm 34:1-3 is our call to worship, praising God with our lips and our lives.
  • We Perfect and Edify the believers in their faith (Ephesians 4:12). It is so important that believers are grounded in the “faith once delivered to the saints.” (Jude 1:3) Only by diligent study, teaching and preaching of SOUND DOCTRINE (Titus 2:1), can believers be “perfected” (matured) and “edified” (built up and strengthened) in their faith. Furthermore, we must build up and strengthen the family unit (husband/wife/children). Much of our programming includes ministry to this vital need. We stand for Life!
  • We Pray and Encourage. Prayer is the key in releasing the power of the Holy Spirit enabling believers to be witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer makes the Word of God effectual as it goes out through the airwaves. In these dark days we need encouragement every day. Our daily broadcast adds this element in order to supplement the work of the local church. In these dark days we need encouragement every day. Our daily broadcast adds this element in order to supplement the work of the local church.
  • We Preach and Evangelize. Our deep desire is to proclaim the Gospel to a lost and dying world. As days grow spiritually darker, we will have a greater opportunity to gain the ear of lost souls. The Great Commission is still unfulfilled. (Matt. 28:19-20.) If the Lord allows, we will continue to expand our signal to areas further out. We will be found reaching out with the Gospel where and however the Lord provides and guides.
  • We Persevere and Exhort. “He that endureth unto the end shall be saved.” Paul exhorted the believers to continue in the faith. We must always demonstrate by our life what we have professed with our mouth. A daily devoted walk with Christ will cause people to ask for a reason for our faith. Our role at SOUND RADIO is to exhort you to persevere and “follow on to know the Lord”. SOUND RADIO itself must be held to that standard.


Our VISION STATEMENT is to get out God’s Word and broadcast “things that befit SOUND DOCTRINE” (Titus 2:1). With all our might and ability we are seeking to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission in the LA/MS areas and on out as far as we are able by God’s grace.

Willie F. Kennedy, Founder and President of Port Allen Educational Broadcasting Fdn