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Willie & Arlene Kennedy

Willie: President/General Manager, Arlene: Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Editor

Willie is Founder/President of Port Allen Educational Broadcasting Foundation, dba WPAE, 89.7 FM and KPAE, 91.5 FM. He is on-air Mon, Wed & Fri.

Arlene is his partner in ministry concentrating more on business matters.

(601) 645 6515

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Phil Tittle

Afternoon D. J. for the Southern Gospel Music program

D. J. for “Heading Home”, weekday afternoon Southern Gospel Music time from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

(225) 293 9844

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Tom & Norma Cook

Tom: Asst. Manager, Trustee and D. J., Norma: Volunteer

Tom is day-time D. J. two days a week, Monday night and Saturday night “Blue Grass Gospel Time”. Sunday afternoons listen at 3:00 p.m. for Faith Cell Group message.

Norma: Norma is a valued volunteer for the monthly newsletter especially.

(601) 645 6515

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Joy Dupuy

KPAE Office Manager

Joy: Based in Erwinville, LA, Joy is our local contact for KPAE. The Federal Communications Commission recently granted a Main Studio Waiver to KPAE. This helps financially since we no longer need office hours at KPAE. Joy still functions as the local contact for KPAE as she is onsite at the Faith Alliance Church and Academy. KPAE studio is on the campus of Faith Alliance Church.

(225) 627 4578

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Steve & L. Dianne Hill

Steve: Board Secretary, L. Dianne: Board Trustee

Steve: Steve has served as Secretary of the Board of Directors since our move to Mississippi.

L. Dianne: L. Dianne serves as advisor and prayer partner as a Board Trustee. Steve and Dianne are serving as missionaries with Christian Missionary Society in Peru.